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Our program was established in 2013 by Deaf Sport South Africa, the national peak body for Deaf sports, that is supported and works with a number of national sporting organisations.


DSSA holds sport workshops, meetings and clinics around South Africa, helping Deaf people to feel comfortable in an environment with like-minded friends, role models and people they can identify with and aspire to. Through sport, DSSA helps Deaf people learn new skills and build self-confidence, as well as support a balanced healthy, lifestyle. DSSA's structure comprises many teams all over South African provincial, regional and local structures are involved.


DSSA breaks the cycle by establishing programs and healthy lifestyle habits that Deaf people can carry through their youth and beyond.


Be Active

This event promotes two important philosophies – maintaining good health and giving back to the community. People of all walks and profession are invited to participate in fun walk and other sporting codes


Awareness and
Fun Day Game Clinic

The event aims to raise fund and awareness on Deaf sport activities by inviting people from all disciplines to participate in this activity. The fund raised will be used to organise more coaching and training for future leaders


Soccer Teams

Deaf soccer clubs participate in various tournaments, knockouts and league throughout SA and are managed by DSSA structures especially at developmental stage. This sport code is growing and is very popular among Deaf people at all level.

The program educates the children as well as their teachers, parents, coaches and people all around them about the importance of participating in sport for life.



Continuing Education

This program aims to encourage students to continue schooling and be encouraged on the importance of being armed with an education which could unlock their future potential.


Celebrating Education

The purpose of this program is to get local school-going youth motivated and excited about the upcoming school year. About 100 school supply-filled backpacks are given to students grades 1-12. The event also includes entertainment and a motivational from donor/sponsor partners.


Chess Passion

Since most of us are all aware that chess stimulates and improves mathematics, physics and mental strength, this program is designed to encourage students to participate and be able to make important decisions that affect their studies.


Igniting Reading

This program is designed to encourage youth to read by providing them with books as well as a fun environment to read in. Our "Igniting Reading" are currently in the selected Community Libraries. Our hope is to continue igniting reading throughout South Africa.

Physical Address

845 Francis Baard Street
Arcadia, 0083


Tel/Fax: 012 343 0661